iPhone/iPod Apps

SpeedUp Player Pro 1.6 now available on AppStore

– multiple bookmarks within track (save play position & A-B repeat)

– load/save playlist

– iPod playlist is back

SpeedUp Player Pro 1.5 now available on AppStore

– changed app name to “SpeedUp Player Pro” (was SpeedUp Player)
– fixed save position for tracks in Documents
– updated preferences UI
– updated record options (choose encoding)

SpeedUpTV 1.5.6 now available on AppStore

1.5.6 is a bug fix release. Fixes play position save bug introduced in 1.5.5.

SpeedUpTV 1.5.5 now available on AppStore

SpeedUpTV 1.5.5 updates:

  1. Zoom video with pinch in gesture.
  2. “Fast Seek(inaccurate)” option. You can choose between accurate slow seek and inaccurate fast seek.
  3. Better handling when Interrupt is finished.

SpeedUpTV video demo

SpeedUpTV is an iPhone video player with variable speed playback. It supports 0.5X to 2.0X playback speed. It also supports gestures.

SpeedUpTV will be available in AppStore next week (hopefully)

SpeedUp Player is now available on iPhone AppStore.

SpeedUp Player has been approved and now available on iPhone AppStore.

Listen to your iPod collections at 0.5X – 2.5X speed.

  • Save time listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Play at any speed!
  • Study mode helps you learn more effectively. (A/B repeat, quick rewind/forward)
  • Sleep timer can save your battery while you sleep.
  • supports full multitasking
  • remote controller support

More info available here.