Ringtone Architect

Make Custom Ringtones for iPhone!

  • Make ringtones up to 40 seconds.
  • Intuitive interface with real audio data.
  • Customizable fade-in/fade-out tim

Ringtone Architect features:

  • Make ringtone up to 40 seconds
  • Beatiful interface with real audio data
  • Set start time and end time easily & precisely.
  • Customizable fade-in and fade-out time.
  • Supports pinch in/out gestures
  • scrubbing like interface for precise time settings.
  • Make ringtone files directly from your iPod Library.
  • Easy file transfer using iTunes File Sharing & E-mail.


  • Need to synchronize with PC/Mac iTunes to use ringtone. (All ringtone apps have this requirement.)
  • This app requires iPhone 3GS or iPhone4.
  • DRM protected files are not supported.