SpeedUp Player Pro

SpeedUp Player image

Listen to your iPod collections at 0.5X – 2.5X speed. Supports iOS5 multitasking, remote controller. Study mode(A/B repeat, quick rewind/forward), sleep timer.

  • Save time listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Play at any speed!
  • Study mode helps you learn more effectively.
  • Sleep timer can save your battery while you sleep.

Available on the AppStore

SpeedUp Player features:

  • Variable speed playback: 0.5X(half speed) – 2.5X (0.05X interval)
  • Preserve pitch(tone) while changing playback speed.
  • Play directly from your iPod collection. No conversion required. (supports music/podcasts/audiobooks)
  • Full multitasking support.
  • Remote controller support.
  • Sleep timer (pause after 10/20/30/60/120 minutes)
  • A/B repeat : repeat interval using simple button press
  • Configurable quick rewind/forward buttons. 4 buttons can be set individually.
  • Extremely fast iPod library browsing (disk+memory based cache)
  • Browse by album/artist/songs/playlists/podcasts
  • Simple playlist with load/save
  • unlimited bookmarks within track (can save position or A-B repeat)
  • Integrated recorder
  • Pause/resume on phone call(audio interruption).
  • Pause when headphone is unplugged.
  • Music tracks can be set to be played at 1X.


  • supports iOS5 and above.
  • video tracks are not supported.
  • DRM contents are not supported.