Version 5.0

Play YouTube/DailyMotion video continuously from playlists.

  • Easy search (auto-completion, search history)
  • Play and manage YouTube playlists directly from app
  • Supports multiple YouTube account login
  • High Quality Equalizer
  • Supports remote controls, TV-out, AirPlay
  • Playback speed, A-B repeat, Bookmarks, Pinch Zoom
  • Repeat mode, Shuffle, Sleep Timer
  • Configurable gestures
Available on the iPhone AppStore

Requirements: iPhone/iPodTouch with iOS8/iOS9.

Search and add to playlist

Browse playlists and subscriptions

User configurable gestures! Seek, next track, bookmark, speed...

Foxtube I have tried many music apps and finally I found the best. Awesome !!!!! - kenny abril on 02/11/12

Great app ! This is a great app ! I love it

- Eric Shaw on 01/30/12

Awesome Watch the video is very convenient, UI simple, practical!

- yr120 on 01/30/12

awesome!! it is good to be fast and usefull

- ganglogi on 01/19/12

Thank you very much Very cool program and has plenty of features, thank you for this achievement

- Khaled544 on 01/18/12
FoxTube for Mac is also available

FoxTube for Mac / YouTube Video

FoxTube for Windows is also available

FoxTube for Windows

More features will be available soon.

App Screenshots

FoxTube 5.0.0

Released on 21/07/16
  • initial release

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mix1009 has been developing commercial applications for 15+ years. Worked on a lot of interesting projects and products:

  • IPSEC for BSD kernel
  • BSD based embedded firewall
  • Audio fingerprinting technologies
  • Various peer-2-peer network stacks
  • Audio player for Win32, WinCE, Flash, AIR, iOS
  • Video player for Win32, iOS, Mac, Android, Flash

We are currently interested in media apps for iOS & Android platform.

The Team

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    Developer Twitter / Website
  • Luca Meghnagi

    UI Design Dribbble
  • Jane Park

    Icon Drawing 5 years old

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