Ringtone Arhictect for Android

Version 1.13

Create ringtones with intuitive and easy UI.

  • Customizable fade-in and fade-out time.
  • Beautiful interface with real audio data.
  • Assign ringtone to contacts, use as alarm or notification.
  • Manage ringtones within the app.
Available on the Android Market

Requirements: Compatible with most Android phones. Supports Android 2.3 and later.

Easy & intuitive user interface with real audio waveform data

Apply fade-in and fade-out. Fade in/out time can be set independently

Manage ringtones within the app. No need to use file managers

the best I've used a lot of different programs, this is my absolute favorite. No glitches! Absolutely awesome!

- Kitty on 09/15/11

amazing and very very helpful for me i was going tot attach 15 songs eachother but i was worried that how to fade in or out but after trying so many i found it best

- Umair on 08/15/11

The best ringtone maker I have used! Very easy to use. Great app!

- Jordyn on 08/09/11

This app works perfect It goes through my full music library and I can select the best part of the song that I like 5 stars EVO 4G

- Max on 07/22/11

Jessica Love ittt. But I wish there was somewhere I could download more songs ;p

- Jessica on 07/17/11

Really cool app. Love how I can control how my tone comes in/out.

- Shadrika on 06/24/11

The best ringtone creator in the market. Sleek GUI; has fade in/out option, editor for created ringtones.

- Phil on 05/29/11

What a fantastic app which really serves as 2 apps. You can edit your ringtone and also allow it to fade in.

- Christian on 05/25/11


- BIG RIG on 05/16/11
Need manual ?

Manual is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

Ringtone volume too small ?

Go to Settings > Sound > Volume. Adjust Ringtone volume and press OK.

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mix1009 has been developing commercial applications for 15+ years. Worked on a lot of interesting projects and products:

  • IPSEC for BSD kernel
  • BSD based embedded firewall
  • Audio fingerpring technologies
  • Various peer-2-peer network stacks
  • Audio player for Win32, WinCE, Flash, AIR, iOS
  • Video player for Win32, iOS

We are currently interested in media apps for iOS & Android platform.

The Team

  • mix1009

    Main Developer Twitter / Website
  • lewbh77

    UI Developer
  • jwpark


App Screenshots

Ringtone Architect 1.6

Released on 08/17/11
  • Fixed issue when setting as notification.
  • Fixed issue when manual is manually deleted from SD card.

Ringtone Architect 1.5

Released on 08/16/11
  • Add Spanish, Chinese manual
  • Changed AD platform.

Ringtone Architect 1.0

Released on 04/01/11
  • Initial release on April fools' day :)

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