We Make Quality Apps

FoxTube icon FoxTube for iOS iOS
Full featured YouTube/DailyMotion client for iOS.
FoxTube icon FoxTube for Android Android
YouTube client for Android.
FoxTube icon FoxTube for macOS Mac OSX
Full featured YouTube client for Mac OSX.
FoxTube icon FoxTube for Windows Windows Desktop
Full featured YouTube client for Windows Desktop.
SpeedUpTV icon SpeedUpTV iOS
Play video at variable speed.
SpeedUp Player icon SpeedUp Player Pro iOS
Play audio at variable speed.
Equalizer Pro icon Equalizer Pro iOS
FLAC/OGG/MP3 player with professional EQ.
Ringtone Architect icon Ringtone Architect iOS
Ringtone creator app for iOS.
Ringtone Architect icon Ringtone Architect Android
Ringtone creator app for Android.
Photo Cleaner icon Photo Cleaner for Live Photos iOS
Delete video from Live Photos to reclaim space.
Gifted icon Gifted iOS
Create Animated GIF for iMessage.
Slide Tiles icon Slide Tiles iOS
Classic Sliding Tiles Puzzle Game for iMessage.
FoxVideo icon FoxVideo iOS
Video downloader & player.
SpeedTube icon SpeedTube iOS
Adjust playback speed of YouTube videos.